MDQ Academy's Campus

*Beautiful Campus *Impressive Building *Spacious Class Rooms 

*Safe Environment *State of the Art Computer & Science Labs





Southern State Parkway exit 42-N. Continue on Fifth Avenue; [Soon after passing by Entenmann Factory Outlet] turn right on Candlewood Road, then later turn left on Brentwood Road. Keep on going, passing by a flashing traffic light, until a regular traffic light at the intersection of Brentwood Road and S-5th Avenue (this S-5th Ave - crossing Brentwood Road -  is not the same as 5th Avenue County Road 13).  Here, on your right, you'll see a big stone sign: 1725 "Sisters of St. Joseph"...>>TURN RIGHT here ......

Follow the “Building 2, All Deliveries and the MDQ signs, until you see a big parking lot.  Enter here ... going straight ... you'll see MDQ Academy sign on the door of the school building.... the door is locked  ....   We are on the 2nd floor.....Ring the bell.

All arrivals and dismissals are at the back entrances of building 2.